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Manage your business docs effectively and efficiently
Control your entire business with Microsoft Office Professional 2003. This product includes all of the user friendly business software included with Microsoft Office Professional 2003. In Microsoft Office Professional 2003, the application includes:

Microsoft Excel 2003 used to examine your business data and information, create spread sheets, track time, resources, costs, also manage salary and people.

Microsoft Word 2003 Professional used to create your documents, manage it and also use to edit and save for later use.

Microsoft Office Outlook Express 2003 with Business Contact Manager to control contacts, customers and sales.

Microsoft PowerPoint 2003 used to create dynamic sales presentations and other presentations according to our need.

What�s New in Microsoft Office 2003?

New look for Office 2003 
Microsoft Office 2003 has a latest look that�s open and active. Moreover, new and enhanced task panes are available to you. Fresh task panes include Getting Started, Search Results, Help, Shared Workspace, Research and Document Updates. 
Tablet PC support For MS Office 2003    
On a Tablet PC, you can rapidly provide input using your own writing directly into Office docs as you would use a pen and a printout. Moreover, you can now view task panes horizontally to help you do your work on the Tablet PC the way you want to do your work.
Research task pane    
The new Research task pane offers a wide variety of reference information and expanded resources if you have a net connection. You can do research on topics using an encyclopedia, Web searching, or by accessing third party content.
Improving quality for the customer  
Microsoft strives to improve quality, reliability, and performance of Microsoft software and services. The consumer Experience enhancement Program allows Microsoft to collect information about your hardware configuration and how you use Microsoft Office programs and services to identify trends and usage patterns. Participation is optional, and data collection is fully anonymous. Moreover, fault reporting and error messages have been improved so that you are provided with the easiest approach to reporting errors and the most helpful information about alerts at the time you meet a problem. Lastly, with a net connection, you can give Microsoft customer feedback about an Office program; help content, or Microsoft Office Online content. Microsoft Office 2003 is continually adding and improving content based on your feedback.
Improved international features

Improved international features In Office 2003 Professional
Microsoft Office Word 2003 provides improved features for creating foreign-language documents and for using documents in a multiple language setting.
Mail Merge chooses the correct greeting format based on the gender of the recipient if the languages require to it. Mail Merge can also format addresses based on the geographical region of the recipient.
Enhancements to typography result in better display of text in more languages than ever before. Word 2003 supports more Unicode ranges and includes improved support for combining diacritics.

Get the job and Done quickly and easily with these features:
Create professional documents with Word building blocks and commonly used business templates available in Microsoft Word Professional 2003 including time sheets, invoices and receipts.
Build accurate spreadsheets with easy-to-use, informative, reformatted formulas using Excel 2003.Handle email, daily arrangements, and tasks with Microsoft Outlook 2003.
Create sales and other informative presentations with Microsoft PowerPoint 2003. Create a database that contain company info and data, and analyze that data to improve productivity and efficiency.
Import existing economic data into Accounting express from other programs such as Microsoft Office Other Versions.
Microsoft Excel 2003 and Quick Books, Microsoft Money and manage all of your financial information in one place using MS Excel. 
Organize schedules easily even when users are in different time zones with Communicator. Deploy forms and spread sheets in Outlook using info path and then export the data acquire in Microsoft Excel 2003.
Build a shared work-space, add data and tools and also invite team members to join you regardless of location.
Also Work with scanned documents, images, pictures with One Note OCR engine.
Use Ledger Sheets in Microsoft Excel 2003 to manage business finances like budgeting, invoicing and accounting.
Apply Smart Art graphics and Clip art to create polished presentations and reports.
Connect with others team members through Microsoft Office Exchange Server support
Use the Instant Searching feature in Outlook Express to find data and information quickly, even information buried contained by the body of an email.
Better design and analysis tools in Access help you create more effective database objects.
Extended electronic forms beyond your firewall by using info path to allow form completion with web browsers.

File Information:
File Name: Microsoft Office 2003 SP3
Systems Requirements: Windows 2000 Service Pack 3, Windows Server 2003, Windows XP

File Size:Size: 99.19 MB
File Type: zip

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